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25 Nov

Emulsion Remover Options And How To Use Them

If you are new to screen printing and wonder about the various products available to do the same job, this article explains the three different emulsion removers we stock and how to use them.


01 Aug

Screen Printing Class with Douglas Grigar

A short excerpt from the July 2017 two day screen printing class with Douglas Grigar showing students printing onto a range of bags kindly sponsored by Beechfield Brands Westford Mill and Bagbase. VIDEO INCLUDED


16 Jun

Vastex Screen Printing Equipment - Big Developments From Industry Leader

Industry leader in screen printing equipment manufacturing, Vastex, breaks ground on brand new purpose built manufacturing facility to keep up with demand.


28 Mar

Screen Printing T-Shirts At Home In Limited Space

Limited space usually means a huge compromise must be made on the quality of the equipment that you purchase when you are starting out in screen printing for the first time. Here we review an alternative option of a screen printing systems that offers a huge number of accesories in a tiny footprint.


20 Feb

Printwear & Promotions Show Offers and Deals 2017

A brief overview of what to expect at the Printwear & Promotions Show 2017 with a look at the free seminars offered by Douglas Grigar and special offers from Dalesway Print Technology.


28 Nov

How to set up a new screen printing department for your school

Screen printing offers your art department a valuable and practical way of teaching students a skill set that they can go on to use in their working life, but setting a brand new screen printing department up can be a daunting task. We can break the process up into a step-by-step process to make this task easier.


15 Nov

Entry Level Screen Printing Machine: Introducing the Vastex V100

If you would like to get started in screen printing on a tight budget but you want a press that will be reliable and hold registration, the Vastex V100 is your perfect partner. VIDEO INCLUDED


12 Oct

Getting the perfect screen exposure time

Reduce your screen printing headaches by getting your exposure times correct. We look at possible problems that can be related to incorrect exposure times and two ways of determining the correct exposure time. FREE STEP TEST ARTWORK DOWNLOAD


05 Oct

Printing 100% Polyester: Wash Tests Done to Nike Standards

As a follow-up article to our previously published protocol for printing onto polyesters, we here illustrate actual printed results that have been subjected to wash tests of a standard set by Nike.


18 Jul

Drying Screen Printing Stencils

What is the most efficient, quick way of drying your stencils? Is it using a screen drying room or a screen drying cabinet? Master screen printer Douglas Grigar explains all in the video to accompany this article. VIDEO INCLUDED


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