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Hot Stamping & Blind Debossing Equipment

by Kwikprint Hot Stamping

Trusted by Leading Designer Brands

Kwikprint hot foil printers are trusted by companies that manufacture and personalise top end goods in a variety of industries. Now used in stores and shopping malls across the UK, Europe, the USA and as far afield as Singapore and Japan, Kwikprint is the only choice for personalisation of high end goods.


Versatility in a Reliable and Easy-to-Use Package

The simplicity and ease of use that has been the mainstay of Kwikprint hot foil printers for many years has universal appeal whether the need is to personalise promotional gifts and give-aways, items of stationery or individual products worth thousands of Pounds.

Few brands of equipment can be used so reliably, whether adding a foil imprint or elegant debossed finish to products as varied as bespoke leather upholstery for vehicles, leather jackets, handbags, briefcases, wallets, pencils and many more.

Model 25 Hot Foil Printer

A very portable little unit and indeed the smallest unit in the Kwikprint range, but no less capable of delivering excellent results on smaller products. The Model 25 is ideal where space is limited and smaller products such as wallets, pencils, booklets, key fobs and many more need to be printed or personalised with individual names, initials or logos. As standard, this unit is supplied with the smallest type and die holder in the range, but it can be upgraded should the need arise. The maximum thickness of product that can be printed onto is 1.5cm.

Model 55 Hot Foil Printer

The older brother of the Model 25 offers the ability to print onto larger products both in overall size and thickness. The unit also comes equipped with a larger worktable, making the handling of larger products during the printing process easier. The Model 55 can accept any of the standard Kwikprint type and die holders interchangeably, so leaves an upgrade path at minimal investment for the future. The smaller format of the unit compared to the next model size up makes it highly portable, just like the Model 25. A range of optional accesories can be used with the Model 55 and its bigger brothers and the removable worktable adds to its versatilty.

Model 86 Hot Foil Printer

Our most popular model and also the most versatile, the Model 86 is manufactured in a way that allows the print head to be raised and lowered. This means more products can be acommodated, up to 10cm in overall thickness. It also means that irrespective of the thickness of the product, the machine can be set by the operator to apply the print at a point that is comfortable for longer print runs especially. The ability to adjust the worktable in both the X and Y directions also make setting up easier, whether you are printing just one colour and need to move a large product to the best spot, or printing multiple colours and aligning carefully for subsequent prints.

The workktable can be removed when needed to fit included accesories for printing small products, pencils or ribbons. These accesories can be purchased separately for use with the Model 55. The Model 86 can be upgraded to an air-assisted model at any point in the future or purchased with this facility at the outset - please enquire.

Model Comparison Table

Model 25 Model 55 Model 86
Worktable size 15 x 25 cm or
25 x 25 cm cost option
30 x 30 cm 30 x 30 cm
Daylight opening 1.5 cm 2 cm Up to 10 cm
X / Y worktable adjustment Fixed One way only Two way
Throat depth 12 cm 22 cm 22 cm
Precision line finder Optional Optional Standard
Foil feeder Optional Standard Standard
Air upgrade No No Optional
Machine light Optional Optional Standard
Print area 2.5 x 14 cm 5 x 14 cm 7.5 x 14cm
Print area up / downgrade 2.5 x 22 cm 2.5 x 14 cm
7.5 x 14 cm
2.5 x 22 cm
5 x 22 cm
2.5 x 14 cm
5 x 15 cm
2.5 x 22 cm
5 x 22 cm
Can use type Standard Standard Standard
Right angle gauges Optional Standard Standard
Optional attachments Foil feeder
Right angle gauges
Ribbon guide
Matchbook attachment
Pencil attachment
Ribbon guide
Matchbook attachment
Pencil attachment
Weight 16 kg 23 kg 50kg
Height 36 cm 56 cm 74 cm
Element power 250 watt 300 watt 400 watt

Vertical Format Suits Wide Ranging Applications

All Kwikprint models are vertical format machines which means that the product that is being printed always remains stationary during printing. Only the print head moves during printing, which means that expensive goods can be securely held in place and the print carefully checked before releasing the product from the worktable.


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