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Plastisol Ink Mixing System: 551 ColorPro

by Lancer Screen Inks

Pantone® Matching System with Booster Colours

The Excalibur ColorPro plastisol ink mixing system offers a very precise, repeatable and easy-to-use way of simulating Pantone ® colours and producing custom shades in-house in any quantity for even the smallest of jobs. This adds to your versatility as a printer, while keeping costs down, and being a Pantone ® licensed system, guarantees the most exact colours possible.

The colours in this plastisol ink mixing system have been mixed and test printed on t-shirt materials to ensure accuracy. It is a high opacity system is suitable for printing onto both light and dark fabrics. Mixing a custom colour for a client is quick and easy.


Phthalate-Free System to Produce Vibrant Colours

All Lancer inks are at the cutting edge of safety standards and offer heavy metal free, phthalate-free formulations. The Excalibur 551 ColorPro Plastisol Ink Mixing system consists of 11 standard colours, all ready-to-use. In addition, there are five booster colours, which are intense shades of yellow, red, blue and green and a mixing base that forms the full kit.

Booster colours are added in increments between 5 and 40 % to increase brightness and colour accuracy for specific colours. The ColorPro Software will do all the hard work for you though, so no need to worry about how to get the best out of the system. ColorPro Software is included with each mixing system supplied. All you need is a Pantone ® guide and you are good to go.

No Headaches - Just Performance

High-speed formulations increase production and print well on both manual and automatic presses and all components are balanced and ready for use, so there are no worries about curing issues

The ColorPro plastisol ink mixing system is available in various ink series to allow maximum versatility in a variety of printing environments

Initially the 551 Series of high opacity plastisol will be available from stock, but please enquire if one of the alternative options below is of interest to you.

Direct Printing

3551 Triumph ColorPro - Consisting of 11 Colours, it is designed for colour matching single-step nylon heat transfer inks.

Heat Transfer Printing

951 Hot Split and 961 Hot Peel - Consisting of 16 Colours, it is designed as a high opacity ink mixing system for producing hot-split and hot-peel transfers respectively.


For full product details, the technical data sheet below is available to print.

Plastisol Ink Mixing System: 551 ColorPro TDS

Excalibur Direct Print Plastisol Inks MSDS

Software Download

To download a copy of the Colormate PRO Software, please follow this link -

New Customer: Download Colormate PRO Ink Mixing Software

Existing Customer: Update to latest version of Colormate PRO

Minimum System Requirements for Colormate PRO®

Operating System: Microsoft Windows 98 / NT / 2000 / ME / XP / Vista only.

Processor Speed: Minimum of 200 Mhz - Pentium / AMD Processor or better.

Memory Requirements: 32 Mb of RAM (64 Mb or more is better).

Video Card: SVGA Video Card or better (must support 800 x 600 screen resolution).

Peripherals: Microsoft Windows compatible keyboard and mouse required.

Colormate PRO Software

Included with each plastisol ink mixing system is a copy of Colormate PRO software. Colormate PRO makes colour matching and ink management very easy. Colormate PRO is used to produce simulated Pantone ® colours and also contains colour recipes for all stock Excalibur series colours.

The software will estimate the amount of ink required and can use any unit of measurement that is convenient to the user such as quarts, gallons, litres, kilograms or pounds.See the Resources tab above for download links.



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