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Screen Drying Cabinets

by Vastex Screen Machinery

Increase Productivity in Art Preparation

Whether you are running a busy screen print shop or art department in an educational environment, a screen drying cabinet will make a huge difference in overall productivity.

With a screen drying cabinet, freshly coated screens can now dry in a safe, dust-free environment to minimise the frustration of contaminated screens.


Dry Screens in as Little as 20 Minutes!

Thanks to the high volume of filtered air and gentle heat in a Dri-Vault premium screen drying cabinet, screens dry consistently and evenly in a completely light-tight environment without the risk of any dust particles contaminating the wet emulsion.

The Dri-Vault cabinet circulates heated air at around 290 cubic feet per minute, while the entry-level Dri-Cab requires roughly an hour, as it circulates ambient air at around 113 cubic feet per minute.

Space Saving Design

The clever design of the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets allow for clever use of space. The range of screen exposure units manufactured by Vastex fit neatly on top of the screen drying cabinets, not only using space effectively, but also improving workflow and productivity, a very practical solution for any environment handling screens.

Optional lockable castors can also be fitted to the screen drying cabinet to make the whole assembly easy to move if required.

A tabletop screen printing press like the V1000 can also be fitted on top of the entry level Dri-Cab in lieu of a screen exposure unit if desired.

Wide Format Screen Drying Cabinets

If you use larger screens than average, the wide format Dri-Vault is ideal. The screens used with the DiGiT Athletic Numbering System is an example of this. The internal components on this versatile screen drying cabinet can be moved or even removed to match the size of your screens quickly and easily.

High Production Screen Drying

In busy screen printing shops, the sheer number of screens required on a daily basis, dictates the need for a larger drying cabinet. The vertical format Dri-Vault from Vastex can dry up to 24 screens in as little as 20 minutes in such cases.

Screen Drying Cabinets: Models

Entry Level Screen Drying (Yellow)

Our brand new Dri-Cab screen drying cabinet is ideal for the small shop on a limited budget. It holds up to 10 screens and is equipped with a filter and air blower to safely dry screens in a light tight environment.

High Production Premium Screen Dryers (Green)

The Dri-Vault series is equipped with a very high volume air blower and heater to dry screens in the shortest possible time. This unit is ideal for high production environments where time is of the essence. Dri-Vaults come in three sizes and match the Vastex range of exposure units perfectly to create a space-saving combination unit.

Dri-Vault Options

  • Compact 10 Screen Unit
  • Wide format 10 / 20 screen unit
  • Verrtical format 24 screen unit

The wide format unit accepts either 10 screens up to 119 x 79cm (47 x 31") in size or 20 screens at 58 x 79cm (23 x 31"). In-between sizes can be acommodated by moving the central "tree" to a suitable location.

Model Comparison Table

Dri-Cab Dri-Vault 10 Dri-Vault 10/20 Dri-Vault 24
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years
No screens 10 10 10 or 20 24
Max screen size 58 x 78 x 4cm 63 x 91 x 4cm 10 @ 129 x 91 x 4cm or 20 @ 63 x 91 x 4cm 63 x 91 x 4cm
Smallest screen width 46cm 46cm Adjustable
Blower (free air) 113 cfm 290 cfm 290 cfm 580 cfm
Heater power NA 1550 W 1550 W 3100 W
Cost to dry screens (£0.10 /kWh) £0.0024 £0.05 £0.05 £0.10
Temperature control NA Analogue Analogue Digital
Drying time <60 min 20 min 20 min 20 min
Temperature range NA 0 - 40 °C 0 - 40 °C 0 - 40 °C
Depth 91cm 100cm 96cm 100cm
Width 66cm 88cm 159cm 88cm
Height 81cm 74cm 82cm 206cm
Single Phase Yes Yes Yes Yes
Amps 1 amp 6.5 amps 6.5 amps 16 amps
Weight 50kg 118kg 230kg 234kg
Shipping kg 62kg 138kg 277kg 303kg
Shipping dimensions

110 x 74 x 23 cm & 87 x 74 x 21cm

114 x 109 x 91cm 173 x 114 x 89cm 112 x 112 x 208cm


Screen Drying Cabinet: Dri-Cab Entry Level Dryer Leaflet

Dri-Vault Screen Drying Cabinets - Leaflet

Product Manuals

Dri-Cab Screen Drying Cabinet Manual

Dri-Vault Manual - 10 Screen Compact Unit

Dri-Vault Manual - 24 Screen Unit

Dri-Vault Manual - 10/20 Wide Format Drying Cabinet

Please Note:

Actual drying times will vary. Factors that influence screen drying times are humidity, the thickness and type of emulsion on the screen and the size of the screen.

In areas of particularly high humidity, locating the screen drying cabinet in an air conditioned room where the air is dryer would improve drying times.

Add a Screen Exposure Unit

With the exception of the 24 screen vertical screen drying cabinet, each model is compatible in size to a matching screen exposure unit. Screen exposure units are available in UV or super-fast exposing LED format.

Read more information about the Vastex range of screen exposure units on the separate product page by following the inline link. The combination unit of screen drying cabinet and screen exposure unit can be ordered on either page.



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