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Screen Exposure Units: LED & UV

by Vastex Screen Machinery

Powerful Vacuum Hold Down

If you have created good quality artwork, you need a screen exposure unit that can translate that into a good quality screen. Whether you choose an entry level UV exposure unit from the Vastex range or the top of the range LED-style, you always get powerful vacuum hold down for excellent screen to film contact to ensure the best possible screen.

Space Saving Design

All the Vastex screen exposure units can be teamed up with a screen drying cabinet of a matching size, thereby making best possible use of space in the workshop. Just pull a dried screen from the cabinet below and pop it straight onto the exposure unit!


Screen Exposure Units - Main Differences

With a great many features on all our screen exposure units, it may be a little difficult to decide which unit is right for you. In the OPTIONS tab you can find the full specifications for all units, but here is a quick run-down on the main differences to help -

Entry Level (Yellow) vs Premium Range (Green)

The main differences between the two ranges come down to the following -

  • Analogue controls on entry level devices vs digital on premium range
  • Smaller maximum screen size on entry level device - 21 x 24" vs 23 x 31"
  • No legs supplied with entry level device - desktop model only. All premium models come with legs as standard and can be used as desktop or freestanding
  • Lower output UV tubes in entry level models mean longer exposure times

Available Models

Entry Level Series (Yellow)

E1000 UV
E200 LED
Maximum screen size 53 x 61 cm (OD) 53 x 61 cm (OD)
UV output 4 x 20 Watt (61cm) 5 x 76cm LED bars, 60 LED's in total
Dimension (lid up) 83 x 88 x 84 cm 83 x 88 x 84 cm
Weight 68 kg 68 kg
Warranty 1 year 3 years

Premium Range (Green)

Exposit E2331 UV Exposit E4731 UV E2000-2331 LED E2000-4731 LED
Maximum screen size 56 x 78.7 cm (OD) 119 x 78.7 cm (OD) 56 x 78.7cm (OD) 119.4 x 78.7 cm (OD)
Image area 56 x 78.7 cm 119 x 78.7 cm 56 x 78.7cm cm 119 x 78.7 cm
UV output 6 x 40 watt (71cm) 12 x 40 watt (71cm) 5 x 76cm LED bars, 60 LED's in total 14 x 76cm LED bars, 164 LED's in total
Dimensions 106 x 92 x 88 cm with lid up 106 x 153 x 88 cm with lid up 106 x 92 x 88cm with lid up 106 x 153 x 88 cm with lid up
Weight 82kg 127kg 82kg 127kg
Warranty 3 years 3 years 3 years 3 years


Screen Exposure Units: Vastex Brochure

Vastex Screen Exposure Units: Operation Manual


All models with the exception of the E1000-2124, which is the entry level UV exposure unit (yellow casing) are guaranteed for a period of three years. This includes the E200-2124 (also yellow, but the LED version). The entry level E1000-2124 is guaranteed for one year.

LED Unit Guarantees

LED is brand-new, cutting edge technology, but Vastex is so confident about the quality of their units that they are offering the same guarantee as on existing UV units. The most likely problem on LED screen exposure units is likely to be failure on a single LED, so the light bars will be repaired during the guarantee period should this occur.

We will supply full assistance to help you remove the faulty light bar for return to us for repair. We are able to supply a light bar on loan while yours is repaired to ensure you have uninterrupted use of your equipment if needed.

Need More Speed? The Benefits of LED

LED screen exposure units feature long-lasting light emitting diodes that provide ultra-fast exposure times - around 10 to 15 times faster than ultra violet (UV) and comparable to metal halide, while also capable of reproducing very high resolution images with halftones and intricate details.

Maintenance costs on LED exposure units are substantially lower than metal halide with a much reduced level of overall power consumption and life expectancy that can exceed 50,000 hours.

LED exposure units also start instantly, requiring no warm-up time and stays cool during operation. The light intensity from these units also remain uniform from one cycle to the next.

Add a Screen Drying Cabinet

A screen drying cabinet will drastically cut down on the time needed to dry screens. They are also a great way of preventing contamination of wet emulsion during drying. Read more about the Vastex range of screen drying cabinets by following the inline link. The combination units can be ordered on either of the product pages.


Other Features

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