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Speciality Plastisol Inks: Excalibur 700 Series

by Lancer Screen Inks

A Touch of Glamour

When it is time to add a little something different to your prints, look no further than Excalibur speciality plastisol inks. Initially available in the UK in metallic silver and metallic old gold, this range offers many more choices, so please enquire if you regularly work with special effects.

The 700 Series metallic inks give a stunning, shimmering and sparkling end result that will delight your customers.


Easy Printing Metallic Colours

The particle sizes for the metallic plastisol ink range is very small indeed and will have no trouble passing through 110 / 43T mesh, which means that finer detail images can still be printed using this special effect ink. The metallic flakes are also made of polyester to avoid tarnishing as the garment ages. This means that the print will maintain the sparkling appearance.

A metallic clear base is also available if you wish to add your own coloured flakes to produce custom colours.

Speciality Plastisol Ink: 700 Series

The 700 series range of speciality plastisol inks include Metallic Colours and Glitter Colours

Other options include Retroflec Reflective Ink, Quicksilver and Crystalina

Colour Ranges

From Stock: Metallic Old Gold, Metallic Silver

Special Order: Metallic Clear Base, Metallic Copper, Metallic Green, Metallic Purple, Metallic Red, Metallic Royal, Metallic Gold Sparkle. Also Retroflec Reflective Ink, Quicksilver, Crystalina and all Glitter colours.

Glitter Colours: Holographic Gold Dust, Holographic Techno Silver, Holographic Ice Wine, Holographic Ice & Wine, Holographic Ice Blue, Holographic Electric Green, Gold, Silver, Crystalina.

Quicksilver Plastisol Ink

Quicksilver is a very opaque ink that requires no underbase. It is ideal for both light and dark fabrics and can be screen printed onto most types of fabrics and garments. Quicksilver is very shiny and resembles a silver foil when printed.

Retroflec Reflective Plastisol Ink

Retroflec reflective plastisol ink can be used to screen print directly onto a wide range of textiles or to create heat transfers. Light will bounce off or reflect from the surface of this ink. Textiles including cotton, polyester, poly cottons and some nylons can be printed successfully with Retroflec reflective plastisol ink, but we suggest that print trials are performed to ascertain suitability before any production runs.

Glitter Series

All glitter colours contain metallic flakes made of polyester to prevent tarnishing and to ensure the stunning print lasts for a long time.

The range includes six holographic glitter colours, two standard traditional glitter colours and Crystalina. The six holographic glitters contain a dominant colour theme where the particle is intermixed with a yellow, blue and pink particle to create a sparkling, irridescent effect that creates a colour change effect when viewed from different angles.

The two traditional glitter colours are gold and sliver that create a stunning brilliant sparkle as the particles reflect light while crystalina is yellow, blue and pink particles intermixed into a sparlking clear base. Crystalina can be printed as a standalone effect or overprinted on top of other colours to create a truly unique look.

No matter which of the inks you choose to print, the effects that can be created with the 700PF Glitter Series Colours are virtually unlimited.

All 700 Series speciality inks are phthalate-free and lead-free.



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