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White Plastisol Inks for Screen Printing Garments

by Lancer Screen Inks

Phthalate Free White Plastisol Inks for Every Application

White plastisol ink is the mainstay of every screen printing business. However, different fabrics and applications will require you to have a variety of white inks in your arsenal, to allow you to deal with these wide ranging needs.

The Lancer range of white inks are extensive, so we are initially launching three white phthalate free plastisol inks. If you would like information on any of the other white inks, please feel free to contact us.


581 Arctic White Plastisol

  • Use to screen print onto 100% cotton products.
  • A high opacity, premium white, phthalate free ink.
  • Fast flashing, suitable for manual and automatic presses.
  • Creamy and easy printing - produces sharp prints through high mesh counts.
  • Comparable to other premium brands, but more affordable.
  • Special optical brightener gives finished prints a superbly bright white look.
  • Very versatile: Used as underbase, standalone white or highlight white.

When printing simulated process colour designs, Arctic White is the best option as an underbase.

596 Miracle White Plastisol

  • Use to screen print 100% polyester fabrics where ultimate bleed resistance is important.
  • Low-bleed, high opacity formula easily covers dark backgrounds.
  • Fights dye migration on some of the worst 100% polyester garments.
  • Easy printing viscosity = Ideal for manual presses.
  • Contains no bleaching agents to react with the garment dye.
  • Phthalate and lead free formulation.

Target White Plastisol Ink

At times, there is no simple way around a problem other than choosing the most cost effective ink possible. Target white does not have the optical brightness of Arctic white, but is the ideal solution when margins are tight. Use for 100% cotton products.

If you absolutely have to use a budget ink, Target White will offer you features that no other budget brand can offer. Phthalate and lead-free.

Optical White PVC-Free Plastisol-Style Ink

Please read more about white PVC-free ink by following this link.

581 Arctic White

Premium bright white ink for printing 100% cotton products

596 Miracle White

Premium white, low-bleed ink for printing 100% polyester products.

For particularly troublesome polyesters you can add Low Cure Additive (LCA) to Miracle White. Curing at lower temperature will further aid in resisting colour bleed.

Alternatively you can print a special underbase down to block potential dye migration. Defender Grey is the best solution. Our PVC-Free version of Defender can be reviewed by following the link above and looking at the Options tab. A standard phthalate-free plastisol version of Defender Grey is also available, please enquire.

Target White

Budget white ink for printing cotton fabrics.

Evolution PVC-Free White Ink

If you want more info on our PVC-Free white ink that is also phthalate-free, please follow the link. Optical White is suitable for printing onto a wide variety of fabrics including polyesters. For difficult polyesters, we also offer Defender Grey, a first down grey that filters out polyester dyes that may cause dye migration.

Ink Safety a Prime Concern

In an increasingly competitive market, the Lancer range of screen printing inks lead the way in product safety. At the very heart of each product lies the concern for the environment, the printer and the end user, so Lancer often implement steps to make inks safer well ahead of being required to do so by law.

Dalesway has chosen the Lancer range because of this excellent track record of safety as well as the usability of the ink range. In addition, the whole range offer a superior quality to most competitors at a very competitive cost. We invite you to try the Lancer range today. You will not be disappointed.



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